Our Services


We are happy to take care of all your general gardening needs including;
Mowing - Hand Mowing and Ride on Mowing
Mow/Mulch - We can recycle your grass by mulching it and putting it back into the soil (like a free fertiliser)
Weeding - No job too big or small (satisfaction guaranteed)
Weed Spraying - Control Weeds before they take over your garden
Insect and Bug Control - Eliminate all types of insects before they eliminate your plants


With qualifications in horticulture you can trust us with all your pruning needs. 
We specialise in seasonal pruning of Roses and Fruit Trees, taking the utmost care to ensure your plants are ready to flower and harvest year in year out to their maximum potential. 
With over 6 years experience in hedging we guarantee that your hedges and standard bushes will be shaped to perfection, some of our work can be seen in our gallery photos which is being updated regularly. You can be confident we will meet the standards you require. 

Rubbish Removals

Had some old Rubbish lying around the place for a while? Just had a big cleanup and unable to get that junk to the tip? Just ended a lease and need excess rubbish taken away?

We remove all types of rubbish and can ensure that we will be cheaper and more efficient than hiring a skip bin. We will load the rubbish for you and take it away and we offer a discounted rate if you have a tip voucher. 

Gutters Cleared

Are your gutters overflowing every time it rains? Do you have large trees near your house or live in an overly dusty area? Chances are your gutters are in need of a good clean out to get the water going back down the down pipes where it belongs. Not only does water sitting in your gutters create rust and erosion, but it can also create rising damp within your roof cavity if left unattended. Use our quote form now to request an estimate on your gutters, you may be pleasantly surprised. (We only currently service single story houses)

Clean Ups

Let me guess... You've just returned from overseas and your grass is fence high? Or, you have just had so much work on lately that your garden has gotten a bit out of control, or perhaps you just had a new addition to the family and just haven't had the time to maintain your garden like you used to? 
Well if your garden is out of control we are here to help you get it back into shape. We specialise in big cleanups, restoring your garden to its original beauty and back to a more manageable level. We are happy to offer regular maintenance from then on or are equally happy for you to determine if and when you would like us to come back.


We offer minor landscaping work such as garden rejuvenation, mulching and plants, stones and river pebbles, tree planting and we specialise in laying new turf. Over the years we have installed more than 20,000 square metres of turf to many happy customers. We pride ourselves on our work and it shows in the end result. Our quotes are very very competitive and we are happy to offer a range of advice on all products. 

TAC & Workcover Clients

We are preferred providers with both TAC and Workcover and always put our clients needs first. We understand clients difficulties after they have had a serious accident and are happy to assist where needed. We have many years experience dealing with various insurance companies so are happy to also offer advice where necessary.